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sábado, 3 de maio de 2008

For you my sweetheart, I dedicated this poem...


I just want you know,
Even if they desert you, I’ll not
I will stay with you forever.
Every day I think…

I don’t know what I can do,
I just know I miss you,
I’m so confused…I’ll fall to pieces.
Tell me all what I need to do.

Why are you so far? Why you’re gone?
I want stop to cry, because I’ll die to wait for someone.
Anyone hears me, only you…My angel…
Make your life for you.

So my dear friend, I’m in the end!
But you know, I will not for get you,
So, let me go out of this planet…
I only hurt you with my words…

I want see your eyes one last time, they are wonderful, and you beautiful]
I don’t want hear any lies about you.
So many years ago, and I still hold on your hand.
Don’t spend you time with me if you don’t want.

In the future I will kiss you, and leave too
I will miss you but maybe will be good for us; I will take a picture of you
Look! There is that beautiful girl again!
That smile, I never will for get.

By: Blackheart